Intern: ‘Now I know I am not alone’

By Samira Winter

I belong to a generation distracted by gadgets and with short attention spans. But when I stepped into Dewey Square this past weekend, I saw this same generation coming together to start a conversation.

Through Occupy Boston, students are voicing their personal struggles about debt, few job opportunities and the rising cost of higher education. I find it terrifying to be in college, spending my parents’ savings, and wondering if I’ll get a job after I graduate. Now I know I am not alone. Continue reading

Violent Protests for Education Reform in Chile


SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Violence erupted on the streets of Chile‘s capital and other cities Tuesday as tens of thousands of students staged another protest demanding changes in public education.

Masked demonstrators burned cars and barricades, looted storefronts and threw furniture at police in Santiago. Some attacked an apartment building, throwing rocks and breaking windows. Riot police used tear gas and tanks with water cannons to push them back.

By nightfall, at least 273 protesters were detained, including 73 in Santiago, and 23 police officers were injured, said Rodrigo Ubilla, a deputy interior minister.

Five days after a banned march ended in nearly 900 arrests, students and teachers marched peacefully in Santiago and elsewhere in Chile on Tuesday, calling for the government to increase spending on schooling and provide “free and equal” public education.

As in previous demonstrations, protesters danced, sang, wore costumes and waved signs. But then groups of masked protesters split off and tried to break through police barricades blocking the way to the presidential palace.

University of Chile student president Camila Vallejos said 150,000 marched on sidestreets in the capital because the government again denied them permission to march on the main avenue. Ubilla estimated that between 70,000 and 80,000 marched in Santiago. Continue reading